I got fired


I knew it was coming. I was not happy with the way I was being treated. I woke up in the morning dreading what might be ahead for the day.

I loved the work, the clients, they loved me. However, my company did not appreciate me. I was badgered for the most part, the only LPN hired in the company and treated like a dirty dish rag. I did my work, was on time, started at 9am and documented until 8pm in the evening, driving 200 miles a day, door to door, worked in the inner city, one time asked to "just step over a gun on the steps".

I never complained, never turned down a patient. I never got called into the office to be disciplined.

I had 3 events, today was the last. First was not announcing my name when walking into a patient room, I had my reasons, the patient was gasping for life and that was my priority.

next, I had a 95 yr old patient, she suffered anxiety and pain and had her senses. I asked her if she would consider a meditation class the facility offered, she thought it would be helpful after seeing her blood pressure go down while having easy conversation with me. I got an email from my administrator saying that massive damage control needed to be done for the damage I did by asking the staff if they offered meditation.

I really thought I was doing a good thing for the patient.

the straw that broke the back was today, we got a new case manager, I was supposed to tour her around, I mentioned the policy of not offering meditation to any of our patients because it landed me in trouble. My DON said I was being unprofessional.

The next second, I'm down in personnel being told I've done too many things and I'm not a good fit.

Honestly, they did me a favor, I constantly felt it was just a matter of time that they would find some petty problem with me. I might get scrutinized here, but I know fully well, I did nothing to deserve being kicked out of 2 facilities and explaining to the new case manager to not mention meditation.

I feel there is something psychotic with the company... I even got a text message from the DON that fired me 2 hours after I left, saying I should try xyz company for a job, she would give me a good reference....for real ? you fire me and then offer ideas for another job ?!?!?

this is venting and there is no solution, not happy with nursing, couldn't even make it 7 months when I made it 36 years with a large corporation in another field.

just venting


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Wow. That sucks. I'm really sorry that this happened. I know you said they did you a favor but being treated like you could do nothing right by your administration is an awful feeling.

I do hope you find a place that will appreciate your efforts.

Big hugs


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Welcome to the club. The easy answer is that you were done a favor, but that does not pay the rent. Hope you get lucky and find an employer that supports their employees next time around.

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"I feel there is something psychotic with the company". Most excellent assessment skills.

There are plenty of them out there.

Seven months of experience with a psycho company is not a good start. I feel you have what it takes to shake that off and not give up on your hard earned degree.

You know the DON will give you a good reference, now find a good company.

Best of luck... you can do this:up: