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I read all the stuff about grades not being everything, but I got a C in my pharm class. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.5. Do you think I should retake the class for a better grade, or does it really matter as long as I know the information?


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Your GPA is pretty good. I don't think I'd worry about it, especially if you did well in other science classes. If you are really concerned, ask a program director where you intend to apply.

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What do they call a CRNA with a C in pharm? A CRNA! Don't worry yourself to death for goodness sakes!

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I would not. Cs are okay.



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I would suggest you take that puppy over. in my nursing class a C in a nursing course was not passing. Many, many graduate schools have similar requirements. 100-94% = A, 93-87 = B, less than that = so long. You will spend the time between now and getting into CRNA school wondering if you should retake that course. If you don't get in, what will you think then? Take it at your convience when you are not too busy to do well, pharm is mucho important to a CRNA's practice.


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I have an interesting suggestion for you. First of all, in order to get into CRNA school, you will need to do at least a year of critical care, maybe more. Why not during that time, take the graduate course in pharmacology at a nursing graduate program near you. That shows your initiative to learn more. Maybe that class will even transfer into the CRNA program you go to. If not, at least you have a jump start on your graduate pharmacology as, yes, it will be very important to CRNA degree.

Good luck! Jeanne:)

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