I am going over the wall....

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I have 2 official days left as an MDS nurse.

I have been in this game since 1999.

I am so tired of it.

The MDS and its processes is not the problem.

The problem is all the ancillary 'bulloney' that comes with it.

I am weary of the powers that be not truly understanding the impact that the MDS has at all levels.

They short change, work around or think a warm body who can read instructions and do data entry along with stringing some sentences together can do the job.

I am so happy to be done.

I am going to the insurance review side.

I hope this new road in my career as a nurse brings feelings of doing something worthwhile and a sense of accomplishment that has withered away in the MDS world this last year.

P/S section GG- nanner nanner.....

I hope you enjoy your new career path. I am new to the MDS world and it has been interesting thus far. Very time consuming to say the least.

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Don't slam the door behind yourself! You may just need a new boss!

Specializes in MDS/ UR.
Don't slam the door behind yourself! You may just need a new boss!

No, I needed out of it all.

I made a good choice.

I follow some 'groups' and see the problems continue out there and interact with people in the 'trenches' everyday.

It was never only a 'boss' issue.

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