I am Getting Vocationally Rehabilitated!


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Hi All,

I am excited because I have finally been approved for a program through the VA that is aimed at getting me out of nursing. If you have read my posts, you know that I am a veteran and my PTSD is greatly aggravated by nursing. I have been unable to find a niche that I can live a halfway sane and normal life in. My physical health is being affected by my mental health, I needed to find a way out. Not everyone with PTSD struggles with nursing, but for me it has been a bitter fight to the end.

I am approved for an MHA program and will get vocational rehab/training/assistance to work in healthcare auditing, policy, and regulatory work for the federal government. I am excited, because when I originally became a nurse it was to help veterans and reform the VA. I knew that I had no place telling people how to do their job if I never did it myself.

So, though the past 6 years have been incredibly hard for me, I am happy that I made it this far and have learned what I had. It will make me a better advocate for patients AND healthcare providers/staff. I am happy I got to touch the lives I have. I am happy I have made a small difference in a a big world.

But, I am so happy to leave some aspects of it behind. I will stay in my current position for a short while longer before starting to work in other healthcare arenas. I want to have a specific period of nursing practice under my belt before I get away from it. I will always keep my RN current and will always feel a connection to the profession.

I just feel this is the best way for me to affect the changes that I have in my heart, for the healthcare field, while also taking the best care of myself.

Sometimes we forget that, to take the best care of ME. I hope those of you who are struggling are able to find a way to care for ME too!


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What an uplifting post! I am happy for you and wish you only the best. It sounds as though you have travelled a difficult road with a respite in site.

Take care.

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Sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you! Your plan to keep your nursing license current is a good one as well. All the best! :up:


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Thank you! I am really excited and have some degree of optimism about the future now :-)