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I finally did it!


Warning: I'm a bit wordy... my apologies now. TLDR: YOU CAN DO IT!

A little background information: I graduated with my A.A.S. this past January and became licensed in March. I applied for at least 200 jobs while going back to school for my BSN. I honestly was about to give up looking for a job because it seemed like I was one of the very few from my graduating class that wasn't getting a job. Then suddenly out of no where, I was called for three interviews in a matter of three weeks. Yes, that's right... three! (Well, technically five but I refused two. One was a vague ad on Craig's List that ended up being for a Cardiac Cath Lab position and after research I decided that was no place a new grad should be. The other was with an infamous hiring agent that had some pretty hateful reviews via Yelp. I decided that might be just a waste of time as a lot of people complained).

The first two interviews were in (two different) prestigious doctor's offices in Manhattan. I was excited, I went on my interviews not knowing what to expect at all. I immediately felt out of place. I'm not exactly comfortable in business/business casual garb so I felt pretty out of my element and I could tell (and was even warned) that the clientele in these neighborhoods could be a little "difficult." Both interviews were weird, they didn't ask any real questions. During the second interview the only question the HR manager had for me was, "So... why nursing?" I think it was decided quickly that I was not made for the job (which is completely fine by me! The HR and Nursing managers know what they're looking for and if I don't fit that I absolutely understand and hope they do find the perfect nurse.) I received my "Thank you for your time, unfortunately we're pursuing other applicants for this position..." emails about a week after each interview. As stated, I was completely understanding but still a little bummed.

My third interview was in an LTC facility. I was actually really nervous for this one. I studied all of the standard interview questions (Tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years, what would you do if...) and tried my best to not go into full panic mode. I felt far more pressure now that I've received the big N-Os from the last two interviews (especially since I received one of the emails on my way to this interview). As soon as I walked in I felt a lot more at ease. This was way more what I was used to, it looked like a hospital inside. I've had clinical... I can do this. The interview itself wasn't much unlike the others. The nurse literally told me that she wasn't sure of what to ask me since I don't have any LTC background. Damn it, another fail.

BUT THEN... the nurse told me that she felt as though I was incredibly warm and put-together from the little we did talk. She then told me that if I'd take it, I have the job. Whatttttt? I read about this happening but never thought it would really happen! A same day offer?! Ermergerd.

So the whole point of this long babbling session is to let you guys (especially new grads) know to try your best to never ever give up! Don't doubt yourself! Sometimes you will get a million nos but there's definitely a yes out there!

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So, when do you start the new job??

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am going through a similar situation. I graduated in May (ADN), got my RN in July and still no job offers. I have a BA in Psychology and have never even been called to interview for a psych unit. I have applied to all kinds of units, med, surg, oncology, pediatrics, psych, etc which resulted in 4 interviews and no job offers. I have very good work and clinical instructor evaluations, but my experience has been in an outpatient setting in a hospital where they won't hire new grads. My classmates who have jobs now were hired onto the units they had been working on as pcts or student nurses. It's getting harder and harder to keep my spirits and confidence up with so many rejections. Hearing your story gives me some hope. So, thank you and good luck!

I'm sorry, I haven't checked this in a while! Of course when writing this I got far ahead of myself. I finished submitting all of my paperwork about a week ago so now it's just a waiting game on the background check. I was told HR will call me with an orientation start date.