I feel sick....

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I know this is stupid, but I feel sick over taking the Kaplan. I have busted my hump to receive "A"s in every pre-req, except a "B" in Statistics. It is so stressful to think that I have one chance at this test and if I don't do well, I wait a year to take it again, so that I can apply. The nursing advisor told me that if I missed 8 questions, I might as well be done. Anyone else feeling similar pain and anxiety? My test is January 3rd and the nursing advisor said to study my A and P textbook. So glad they could narrow it down, I guess cracking that book open and reading hundreds of pages is my assignment.....aahhhhhhh

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I have to take the Kaplan, as well, but I don't take it until March. I don't know if the Kaplan is the same everywhere, but I've been told to focus on the physiology portion of A&P II. Focus on the systems and what they do, their effects, etc. Supposedly, the questions are very specific, and not of the "name this" or "what does that" nature, but worded more to see if you understand and can apply what you've learned. InfirmiereJolie's advice to check out the other thread is good. I know there are a couple threads here on AN that people who have taken the Kaplan have commented on.

Good luck!