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I failed.


I took my cna state test a little while ago and i failed. I had the easiest things to. The one thing i messed up on was changing the clothes of a weak arm patient. I did it backwards. I was thinking of my left/right arm instead of the person in the bed. I can not believe i did it. But i am not going to let it get me down. I am going to retest as soon as possible.


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DOn't worry, it happens. When I took it with my class, out of the 9 of us, 4 failed. And it's usually doing something silly because of nerves.

In mine, we were allowed to make 3 or 4 small mistakes, as long as they weren't the bolded steps and as long as we corrected them after they mentioned we made a mistake...I only had one strike left at the end, I was sure I was going to mess up on something silly and fail!

Let us know when you retest and how it goes.

I failed the clinical exam for the RN my first time. Nailed it the second.

So will you.


that is the bad thing. She didn't even say anything. Not that it is her responibility. But when it was over and i found out i failed. I thought about it. I thought she would have said something made a sound anything. Out of 7 of us. 4 failed. So i am not alone. But it still hurts just the same.


Has 5 years experience.

Yeah, I would be upset, too.

While of course it isn't her responsibility to correct you during the test, I really like Indiana's approach to it.

When we took it, the tester would kind of lead us through, asking questions. For example, if my skill was dressing someone with an affected side, when I was getting ready to start that skill she'd say "Alright, so what do you do first?", and I'd get my things ready and drape the resident, then she'd ask "which side do you dress first?", etc. Not giving us the answers, but having her ASK helped to jog the memory.

Also, as we were doing things, if we missed a step or made a mistake that would count as a "strike", she would tell us immediately afterwards that we'd made a mistake and it was a strike. I thought it was a good way to do it.

I'm sorry yours didn't go as well as you liked, but hey, next time you should breeze through it! And at least you know what to expect,so you'll have fewer nerves.

i agree that it was not her responibility to tell me i was messing up. But like the girl that want before me she pretty much talked her all the way through it. I am just saying it would have been nice to have a "are you sure that is right". Something like that. I am going to retest. I am to close to quit now. I am going to send the money off for the retest as soon i can.

It happens. A few in my class did so poorly on the written test that they didn't even make it to the clinical portion. The skills that i had to do were feeding, showering, dressing. If you have ever showered a combative resident with alzheimers you know how difficult it was. Just go slow and think before you do. You will do great.

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