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I don’t know if I like school nursing

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On 12/6/2019 at 9:14 AM, Csn2016 said:

I swear I made a post very similar to this one when I started school nursing 4 years ago.  I was drowning in documentation for the first year because the nurse before had papers for EVERYTHING.  It took me a year to create documents I could keep on my computer and a flash drive and then I just print as needed.  I cleared out SIX filing cabinets of useless papers, she had records from the 1970s yet, still had a pile of old glass syringes and needles (the type that used to be sterilized), and a ton of information pamphlets from the 1980s.  

I did discover a Dunkin Donut gift card for 10$ too...didn't know how to get in touch with the previous nurse so figured it was my payment for cleaning up her mess haha. But I digress...I posted something similar here and took the words of encouragement with me and just worked at it one day at a time until I could find my system.  It was impossible to even find a system in the state that the office was in and took me close to 6 months to straighten out (throwing in a maternity leave as well).  I averaged about 50-60 kids a day.

Then the next year I had my system figured out, I was ready to hit the ground running, I learned who my frequent fliers were and could address them right from the beginning, I had to start giving tough love.  My second year average daily visit was cut in half to about 25-30 kids a day.  Each year gets easier, you figure out how your system works and what you need to change.  As for the frequent flier ice packs, I make them sit in my office with the ice pack.  That really cut down the usage (most of them like to take them back to class and 'play' with them or gain sympathy from peers-- if you remove that equation that eliminates a lot of the unnecessary ice pack visits.)  

I also remind them ice packs are used for injuries involving swelling, if I see no swelling then no ice pack is necessary.  If I have a student with repeat band aid visits for something so minor I'll give them an extra band aid to keep in their pocket (or better yet I sent a ziplock bag full of band aids to EVERY teacher at the beginning of the year which pretty much eliminated all paper cut/minor scratch injuries that do not require a nurse assessment.


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