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I am considering changing careers completely

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I am very frustrated right now because I am struggling with what I should do. I have been a nurse since 2011 and I initially took a job working for an oral surgeon. I traveled to 5 locations didnt make very much and wasnt compensated for gas or miles (8months total). I then worked on a med surg/ortho floor (1.5years total). I liked the floor and I liked the people. I did not like driving 40 minutes in good weather and 1.5 in snow. I then went to another hospital very close to me where I was on neuro tele they had promised 4-5 patients but every shift was 7-8patients and it didnt seem safe (3months total). I took a job as a dermatology nurse and I now work for a Dr who is very demeaning, rude, selfish and who will constantly reschedule/change patients appointments. It is exhausting working for her and the department has "talked" to her about the issues but no changes. When I worked ortho I decided to start NP school. I have 14 months left and I am so burnt out and frustrated Im starting to think that all the problems may be self induced and I am contemplating quitting nursing all together. I thought about transferring again but I am terrified that I will be in the same situation. I am so confused. Meanwhile I am working 50+ hours a week and getting yelled at like I am a 5 year old for not being able to read her mind. I have almost been at this job for 6months and we have already gone through 2 front desk staff because of her. I have driven her to work, she texts me constantly, she will last minute have me change her whole schedule, the list goes on.... Part of me would like to stay because I do like dermatology and I thought it would be exciting to do derm as an NP; the other part just wants to break down and cry like I did this morning.

I have also considered going to a career counselor. Maybe I am just not made to be a nurse? I dont know. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I'm sorry you haven't gotten more responses.

After re-reading your post, it seems like you may be chasing an impossible dream. Working in a physician office may 'seem' less stressful than a staff nurse job, but you've discovered that the reality is very different. I am sure that there hundreds of wonderfully stable physicians with well-run offices. These paragons also have a high degree of respect for their employees, pay them fairly and provide wonderful working conditions. But obviously, you don't work for one of them.

In truth, the larger the organization, the more workplace protections you have. Most Federal regulations/mandated benefits do not even apply to businesses with

If you become an NP, what type of working environment do you envision? Unless you opt for an acute care NP, you'll be working in a clinic also - maybe with a physician. Would this just be more of the same?

Thanks for responding. I was thinking a clinic for NP. I like to continuously grow and learn but I want to like the people I work with. It seems like its hard to know what a job will be like until you actually start which is really frustrating. I reached out to some nurses who work in research and they were very supportive. It was helpful to talk about what positions I would be able to do with my work history.

Seems you have to reconcile to the fact that nursing is not perfect. There is nothing wrong with moving from one job to another until you find the right fit. At some point, when you decide to move out of the profession, there is nothing wrong with that either. You have to decide what is best for you. Good luck.


I just wanted to say thank you for responding to this post I submitted a year and a half ago. I did end up quitting the job working for the derm Dr. Glad that part of my life is over. It was a terrible experience but I learned a lot about myself and will never work for someone like that again. I work at a Chicago hospital now as a float RN and really enjoy it. I finished my FNP degree and am now looking for a job. Thanks again!