should I call the HR? Help!


So I ve been looking for a hospital job for... exactly a year since i graduated. Meanwhile I was working on a subacute unit in a LTC one hour away. What a horrible experience that was!!I Anyway I left my LTC job after 6 months and I got my ACLS, basic arrhythmia and IV certification and was ready to rock any interview coming my way. It did come! There was an open house at the local community hospital and I landed an interview with the nurse manager of Cardicac Care Unit after being prescreened by the HR. We spoke at length and she seemed very impressed with my certifications, my crazy subacute experience, asked me many questions about my plans, etc. She gave me heads up saying not to panic if i dont to hear from them really soon because the process of sitting down with HR and all nurse managers and laying out their options and choosing people who are to receive job offers takes a while. She told be "but I definitely put you down for the cardiac unit". She wanted me to be specific with a day or night shift ( even though i mentioned that i am available for both). We ended it on a good note and she said "I hope to see you very soon on my unit". Now, there were quite a few others new RNs ( new grads w/o any tech experience) and of course i am dying to find out either I got the job or not since the competition was fierce. When i got home, i wrote a brief thank you email to HR who interviewed me as well ( could not find nurse manager's email for the life in me!!). Now the waiting game begins. My question is - when is it appropriate to call HR to gently remind her about myself without being pushy and irritating her? sorry for the long post!


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Did they give you any sort of time frame as to when they would get back to you? I always make a call if it's been awhile. It shows that you are interested and brings your name up again in HR's mind.


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No they didn't, they just said it might take a while.. Whatever that means in a hospital HR's world. I would jump in and call a few days right after the interview, however i am not sure that it is apporipriate. How long should I wait? honestly, I would camp out outside on hospital grounds to show them my enthusiasm! :-)

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If nothing else, call HR and ask them for a time frame. They should have provided that to everyone as part of the interview process. I never hurts to check back periodically just in case they need some additional information. Don't be afraid to seem 'eager' and enthusiastic... that's a good way to be characterized when you're looking for a job.