Hysterectomy and anesthesia


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I wanted an epidural for my vag hyst. Everthing went great except the epidural quit working before the surgeon did. For my next surgery I agreed to general, and everything was done and over before I even knew it. Just like going to sleep.

My recovery time wasn't too bad for the vag hyst except I had a surprapubic catheter for a week afterward. Didn't have alot of pain after the first 24hrs. The first 24 was only bad because of the epidural not working..once I got on some prn iv pain meds, I was fine.


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Hello Summerdaze,

My mom had a total abdominal hysterectomy in Oct 2005 and is doing great. I agree with sphinx, www.hystersisters.com is amazing!

Good Luck and hope everything turns out wonderful!


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