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Hypopituitarism ACTH & Cortisol Deficiency Care Plan

by sugarmag1013 sugarmag1013 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in GI/Wounds Care/Community/School. Has 9 years experience.

Please help looking for ideas for care plans for a student.  basically we have doc orders and have solu-cortef injection in office but looking for best care plans examples to write one up.  anyone have one?  Thanks in advance!!

NutmeggeRN, BSN

Specializes in kids. Has 25 years experience.

This is for Addison disease ( kid is remote now)

Assessment Data

  • Diagnosis of Addison's disease

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Potential for Adrenal Crisis r/t illness or injury


  • Prevent injury
  • Prevent illness
  • Student will self identify any medical illness or injury
  • Report to health office any illness or injury

Nursing Interventions

  • Contribute to development of HCP/EAP
  • Obtain emergency plan from MD
  • Call parents with report of  any illness or injury
  • Administer PO (first) or IM (call 911) meds as indicated by severity of illness or injury
  • Notify teachers of when to have student see nurse
  • Maintain PRN stock of medication, noting expiration dates 

Expected outcome

  • Injuries will be prevented with planning
  • Illness mitigated (same self screen process at home while remote)
    • Student will graduate next June and continue to self advocate while in the workplace or pursing higher education


ruby_jane, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU/community health/school nursing. Has 12 years experience.

So - other than provision of emergency meds, what will you be doing? With respect to NutmeggeRN (that's good data there):

1. You'd call EMS for an emergency (just like for any other kid who had any health-related emergency)

2. You would seek orders for the med just like for any other kid with a rescue med

3. I'd write somewhere that the parent is responsible for providing the med

4. Reaching waaaay back in my memory I think I remember that kids with this condition cannot be out in the sun, so I would prioritize that

5. Any other things that the MD orders say.

As I look at these IHPs crafted by nurses who wrote these beautiful words and used their NANDAs....you have to document that you did what you say you did. So only write what you will do. That's my nickel's worth of advice.