Hyperthyroidism, Goiter. If goiter is from iodine deficient, Why restrict iodine?

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So one of the signs of hyperthyroidism is goiter, which is caused by iodine deficiency. So when you have hyperthyroidism, why would you restrict iodine?

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Iodine deficiency is only one rare cause of a goiter and large amounts of iodine can also block hormone synthesis and production also causing hypothyroidism. A gioter is an enlarged thyroid gland and can be caused by hypothyroidism. hyperthyroidism, or euthyroid. In your case above hyperthyroidism was the cause of the goiter, hyperthyroidism is not caused by iodine defiency.



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In this case my nursing books say goiter is caused by iodine deficiency. According to my book under hyperthyroidism, says goiter as a finding. Now my question is why restrict iodine? Wouldn't you want to give iodine with a goiter (caused by iodine deficiency) so you are not deficient in iodine which is the cause of the goiter in this case? Why book says restict iodine (seafoods, iodized salt etc...)



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I had Graves disease with a large goiter and no one ever told me to restrict iodine intake.

I do know that I had to do two different iodine uptake scans where my thyroid "sucked up" a ton of iodine which I think increases the amount of thyroid hormone the thyroid puts out. That might be your answer but I'm not a hundred percent sure.