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My college offers a hybrid nursing program and there dosen't seem to be many, or any people who have graduated from a program like this. I assume it is a new thing but am looking for people that are in a hybrid program. I have taken several classes online and like it. But I have heard that some lectures involve an instructor reading from the book...that is ridiculous. If that is the case I would rather just teach myself.

Did/do you like it?

Do you regret not doing the traditional program?

And for those of you NOT in a hybrid program do you wish you were?


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what is a hybrid program? :)


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i think a hybrid class is when some of the class time is lecture and some online....


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I'm in a distance learning program. My main campus is in the northern part of the state, and I live in the southeast part. We use ITV..interactive television..to watch and participate in lectures at the main campus. There are large TV screens in the classroom, and both classrooms have cameras and mics so we can see and hear each other. Even though our lecture instructors are most of a state away, they are always available though email or phone. We also have a lot of our classes strictly online. It takes some discipline to check the online class often enough, but it's doable. We have clinical instructors and clinical sites in our city, too, so no travel for that. Overall, it's a really good program. The first class to go through it just graduated this May, and I'm slated to graduate May of 2010 :up: If this is what you mean by a hybrid program, I definitely recommend it, I haven't had any problems. :heartbeat my program :nurse:

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