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Hybrid A&P Class

I am considering taking an 8 week hybrid version of anatomy and physiology 1. The lectures are online and the labs are in person. Has anyone ever taken a class like this? How was it? Is it passable or should I wait until I can take a 16 week version of the class?

I think that would be great. It's how I studied at home - by using Wendy Riggs's A&P lectures from her "flipped" class.

That's not how my class was set up; it's how I studied for my class at home. My class had regular twice-weekly lectures plus lab once a week. After class, I would watch Wendy Riggs's videos on YouTube that covered the same topics my professor had covered. I did very well in A&P.

I strongly advise against it. A&P is the most important prerequisite and I think you're better off taking 16 weeks of the class instead of 8. 8 weeks seems short and crammed. Since A&P is so vital you want as much time to study for it as possible. I just finished taking both A&P I and A&P II and I am so glad I took those courses over the whole semester. I talked to people who only took it over an 8 week period and they said it was much harder. Plus, they felt like it was too much information in such a short amount of time. I received an A in both classes and I highly recommend using Professor Fink on YT to help you study. He's the best out there.

Prior to beginning Nursing Pre-reqs, I did a majority of my courses online and it worked for me especially since I work full-time but, in our school, if you're taking any Math or Science courses, you have to take the exams on campus. I've also heard all of the horror stories about hard the class was so I decided to not do it online. I recently got a B in the class and I feel like it was definitely doable as an online course. I think I'll probably even take A&P 2 online next year. I will say that the only reason you should decide against it because its an 8 week course, which likely means they'll condense majority of the material into a few weeks which is impossible to learn lol. If you can find an online full term course of A&P , I'd say go fir it!

It was great for me. However it greatly depends on your professors and the structure of the class.

My lab professor was awesome and I learned a lot from the in person lab.

Also my online lecture professor posted audio recordings of him going through the lecture slides and whatnot, which really made it feel like an in-person lecture at times.

It depends on how fast paced you are as a person. I had my Anatomy and Physiology 1 in the spring ,and A&P II in summer 1. I had A's in both classes. Passing A&P classes requires determination and doing extra work. I would advise face to face classes.


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