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Hurt over Hesi score

:mad::confused::crying2:Ok I am so hurt, tired, and depressed until the point I have cried all day and laid in the bed. My g.p.a is 3.33 I only have two more pre-reqs to go, P.E and Microbiology. I took the HESI today and failed miserably 70.44%. What killed me was math 65% which was a shock because it seemed so easy , and A&P 44% (that was embarrasing to say). I took A&P I last semester and II I'm currently taking. And honestly I didn't recognize not one question. I"m hurt becasue I studied for a month and not only in the hesi book, but two other outside sources. I made the move from Savannah to Albany and now I feel stuck here because I know for sure I'm not getting in with those stats (300 applicants 200 accepted) . All the other surrounding schools admission process is over, Savannah isn't a option because of my lease, I have no job because I was in school, and after next semester it's a dead end. What would you do?

Just keep looking into schools! Don't give up. Retake the HESI at the same school or at another school. If it takes you longer than you thought, thats okay. I finally got into a program a year after I anticipated. Just don't give up. Theres a program out there that wants you!

thanks so much for the encouragement it ****** me off because I made a move for no reason and now I'm stuck here for a year.

My Hesi was an 83 and I also have 3.3 and have been rejected 3 going on 4 times from programs, I am done with all pre-reqs for more than one school. Its all a waiting game and it sucks. I have been in the same boat you are for a while and am just hoping that at some point I will get in somewhere. Dont get discouraged, it seems like with a whole bunch of hard work and a little luck everyone gets in except those that give up. So HANG in there, work on something else in the mean time, that can contribute towards your nursing career.

The HESI isn't a difficult test but you do have to prepare properly in order to get a good score. The problem is that too many people use their manual as a study aide and don't dig deeper while they are reviewing the information. The A&P may be tricky if you haven't completed both A&P I and A&P II. I scored 97% on A&P and will admit that I have finished my prereq's so the information was easier to stick during studying. But, I went to Borders and purchased an A&P cliffnotes book. I used the HESI manual more as an outline and then studying every section of the cliffnotes book and diagrams I found online. I never moved on to the next section unless I was able to recite the material without checking back in the book. You may not have covered the detailed material. For example the integumentary system make sure to know appendages, layers and cell make up, cell division, etc.. It isn't good enough to know that there is a dermis and epidermis you have to know everything about the system.

I recommend retaking the test and buying an A&P book and studying every section until you can recite it back like an expert on the topic. Because, if the A&P questions weren't even familiar you will have to start from the ground up before retaking the test. Don't be discouraged...at least you know what to expect for next time.

retake the hesi

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