HURST & UWorld helped me pass my NCLEX


Throughout my studying this website was extremely encouraging! I told myself once I passed I would come to give any words of encouragement for those that are struggling to pass the exam.

I took the NCLEX twice this year. Failed the first time with about 200 some odd questions & the second time I knocked it out the park & passed !!! My computer screen went blue after I answered my 75th question & in that moment I knew I had passed.

If you are a repeat exam taker DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE !!! Things that really helped the second time was I put myself on a very very stritch schedule that I stuck to for about 8 weeks straight. I started off with HURST review because I heard a gang of awesome reviews about it. Once I felt confident with that material I started my UWORLD questions. Some days i did questions by systems & other days I did a variety but I did no less than 100 questions a day. & I read ALL rationales.

UWorld was an awesome study tool as well because it introduced to to knew material along with challenging questions. My BEST advise to anyone taking their NCLEX is PREPARE. Do not go to the most important test of your life feeling like you can "wing it". Also understand that the NCLEX is a safety test !! They know you do not know EVERYTHING they just want to make sure you have the knowledge base to be a safe novice nurse!!! Good luck to ALL!!!