HSS New Graduate Residency Status


Did anyone apply for the new graduate residency programs at Hospital for Special Surgery?

If so has anyone heard back from them? MY application has been under review by a recruiter for months now. I am just curious if they have filled the spots or not. I have emailed recruiting office, but heard nothing back.



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I applied as well. No response. Maybe you should call them up or go down there.


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I applied in '09. You wont get a response as soon as you applied because they have to look through potential candidates. If your resume is good, you definitely have a chance. The recruiter got back to me in October if I remember correctly. But of course, you can call to follow up. You can also go down in person but the nurse recruitment office is a bit tight.

She calls you initially for a phone interview (got my call in the evening. completely took me by surprise) in which she asks basic information strengths, weaknesses. Be prepared to explain why you'd like to work at an orthopedic hospital. Last year there was a PACU residency and a MedSurg residency being offered. So it's during the phone interview that you'll will be asked to state the one you prefer. If you pass the phone screen, she schedules a sit down interview. She's really nice and this is a great opportunity to shine as a candidate and make a good impression because the next interview will be a group interview with a nurse educator and nurse managers from the unit you picked. If you go for a PACU position, don't be shy or timid. Speak up and show your personality because in addition to your credentials, they are looking to see if your character is a good fit for the pace of the recovery room environment.

Good luck.


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Can anyone tell me if the nurse residency program guarantees a job for after the 1 year residency??? I am confused as to whether it is a job posting for a RN new grad which just includes the 1 year residency and then you are hired or if it is just one year and you have to apply to them be hired?


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I wish I qualified for the HSS Residency Program! But the residency program as to be your first job as an RN (womp, womp). Good luck. Hope you guys get a call back.