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Has anyone applied to and heard from HRSA yet this year (2007) on the Nursing Scholarship Program? I have applied and have met all the criteria including the 0 EFC. I also subitted and confirmed submission of supplemental documents.

If anyone has any information, please provide.


I have as well and I am also waiting on confirmation. Good luck,I hope you are awarded the scholarship.

Thanks. I hope you get the scholarship also... I could really use the funds... if you hear anything or if anything changes in your status on their website, please let me know. I'll do the same.... let's just say a prayer :)

I just received an email from HRSA stating that although final selections have not been made, I should print out the forms that they attached have them filled out by my school and my financial institution for payments to be made and have them faxed back to them by Sept 7. I was at school when I received the email, so you know I literally ran to the business ofiice to have them fill out the form because they only gave a two day deadline to return. What's next? I have no idea, all I can do is pray on it. Did anyone else receive a similar email yet? Wish me luck and good luck to you all.

I have also received an email today. We should be finding out the results anyday now...Good luck:lol2:

Congratulations! I didn't receive any email from them... yet. I'll still hold on to hope. Did any of your status change on the website?

I'll still hold on to hope

Thank you. It's basically a lottery so everyone has a shot at getting an award, still good luck...

I submitted those forms to my school back in May.


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Hey Let us know if you get it.... I am very interested

will do ... I have been praying on it since I applied.

Hey Let us know if you get it

I will ;)

I heard yesterday as well!

I am so anxious because the woman at financial aid took my contact info, the fax number for the HRSA call center, my form and said somebody would work on it and fax it tomorrow. Yikes. I want to just let it go and trust but it's tough. I'll pray on that!

The other obstacle was the financial form. It says on parts that the financial institution should fill it out. So I went to the bank and the woman there was confused about the part that says 'Signature of Authorized Official' and 'Title of Authorized Official' w/boxes that say 'Savings' and 'Checking' What do they mean???

She insisted this meant I was supposed to sign there and check where I want the funds to go. Is that true? What did others do?

It would be great to hear what others wrote there. I have to get up early tomorrow to get it all together before work!

Good luck all ;)

This is quite the waiting game...:uhoh3:

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