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So I got a DUI in March, was out with friends and I should not have drove after drinking but a male friend was making me very uncomfortable with his advances so I got in my car thinking I could drive away from him then call someone. But I hit a curb and a pole. Anyway I’m almost out of the court probation, I have one more month. I self reported to the BON with the help of an attorney and I just heard from HPRP asking me to call for an intake and do an evaluation and all this stuff. I’ve read horror stories about the program and I 100% want to avoid it. I am not a big drinker, I have not drank in months and I’m usually only a few times a year drinker normally. I’m scared out of my mind. My attorney said he will contact someone at hprp for me on Monday. Does anyone know what I can expect with this process? Is there any way out of a monitoring agreement?

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I recently got a dui in May. I am currently looking for a lawyer for help notifying the BON. I'm wondering if voluntarily submitting to HPRP will prevent disciplinary action from the board and thus not show up on my license or if it is better to have it show up and circumvent HPRP if at all possible as I have heard horror stories as well. Are you able to provide more information on how your case is progressing?

DO NOT voluntary self report to hprp. Once you do, they own your life. Instead, get a substance abuse eval done to prove you do not have a problem. You can PM me I’m also in MI  

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I honestly have no idea how to PM on here. I'm very interested in talking to you and gaining your insight. Thanks.

Call/ text me! 248-266-1302


I managed, through tremendous efforts, to avoid an HPRP contract and board discipline while applying for my RN license while I was still in sobriety court for my 2nd DUI. 

K. Everly said:


I managed, through tremendous efforts, to avoid an HPRP contract and board discipline while applying for my RN license while I was still in sobriety court for my 2nd DUI. 

Is there any way I could reach out in the same situation here for how this was managed?

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I am too smart to get caught after beers, so never been down that road before, but I can give you these tips/advice. Those lazy, overpaid parasites and scumbags from the government are NOT your friends. I am told they act like they are, tell you 'I don't think anything will come of this' or 'everything will be alright', then you get thrown under the bus by them, big time. First rule of thumb applies here. NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. Like the courts, the political system, etc they are fake, corrupt, out of contrl, and never to be trusted. They smooth talk to people to get them to feel at ease and ope up, then when they don't have to look you in the eye, stick the knife in your back, throwing the book at you and potentially destroying your life for the rest of your life. All of that because you drank a few beers when you were a civilian, when you were not on the job. What anyone does when they are off the job is none of the government's frickin business, and we never should have tolerated this intrusion. They destroy eveything they get their hands on and the sooner they fade away after the impending collapse of the US,  the better off we will all be. But that's another story, back to advice. Tell those nosey snoops as little as possible. For example, I knew one coworker who told the snoops that she smoked weed back in the late 70's when she was in high school. The state investigator who acted like she was this poor gal's best friend proceeded to put in the report where they suspended this poor gal's license for drinking after work 'has a history of illicit drug use' ! So never be honest with these parasites, nevertrust them, act like your Mother Teresa and just made a one time mistake, and as much as I hate lawyers, the sysyem is rigged and they are part of it so getting fleeced for their services may either get you off the hook and get you some leniency. 

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