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How's the nursing entrance exam at Bergen community college

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Just wanted to know if anyone has taken the nursing entrance exam for Bergen community college in paramus nj and wanted to know what to expect from the test. What is the best way to study for this exam. Any suggestions or does anyone know of prep classes avaliable anywhere would appreciate it....

I took the nursing entrance exam today for BCC. I studied a lot and got a 76. The biology was the most difficult part, I studied the hesi study guide and the kaplan study guide. Neither one of those had prepared me for ANY of the questions in the biology section. I was told there was an essay, so I tried to save time for it but that was not on my exam. There was minimal chemistry questions, which I was surprised at. All you could is try your best and relax. One last tip, I probably would have done better if I would have taken alittle break in between tests, I utilized every bit of my 4 hrs that were alloted. good Luck!

Thanks for the information I greatly appreciate it....you got ur results right away that was good and what does Bergen consider a passing grade? I'm trying to get into the day time nursing program what about you.

I am trying to get into the day time program as well. Im just not sure exactly what they consider a passing score, and what are the other factors that are considered besides the GPA. I already have a BA but doubt that makes any difference. Do you know if it can be taken more than once? If so, how long do you need to wait. I really want this.

I actually have no idea how many times u can take test but I'm sure if you call the nursing department they will let u know....I so want to do nursing to....it's something that no matter how many negative responses I get I will not give up on this dream....goodluck and hopefuly even see u in the fall....

I have not taken the new exam, but I was in the last class that took the older accuplacer. But I wanted to comment on the passing score. Your score is sort of unimportant. It is only important that you are in the top # they are accepting. If they accept 80 student, you need to have one of the best 80 scores. Some years that might mean a 95%, other years, a 75%. I know it is stressful, but you will have to hang in there until they send you that letter.

Good Luck!

Just wanted to know if anyone has taken the nursing entrance exam for Bergen community college in paramus nj and wanted to know what to expect from the test. What is the best way to study for this exam. Any suggestions or does anyone know of prep classes avaliable anywhere would appreciate it....

Hi!! I go to BCC too ..but i havent take the test like u..when are you going to take it ??? Im really scared .specially with the science and vocab part..!!!

And you can only take it once every semester it says on the letter that they send u but u can apply again next semester and take it again i think

To asp40 Thanks for the information it was helpful to understand how the passing score works and are you liking the program I wanted to know what you think about it? To luisaf7 I haven't taken the test I think I want to register to take it May 12 and I'm going to start studying now if you want to meet up and study I would be available to study at Bergen and maybe we can help each other out if you were up for it let me know because I am also scared to take this test.....Does anyone know what study guide is useful for the biology part of the exam???I would greatly appreciate it....Thanks

I took the exam last week for BCC and got a 76 all because of the science part. I would also like to know what to study for that part of the exam. I call it "science" because it was NOT biology (which I aced in school), it was NOT earth science, NOT A&P, NOT microbiology. I don't know where they got the questions from. I never even heard of half the terms. Oh, and not to discourage but I studied for 1.5 months. Please do not worry about the simple basic math, or vocabulary (if you are over the age of 18 you really should know these "everyday " words. Good Luck!

The program is great - you will learn a lot. But is is very intense. First semester was a breeze, but 2nd semester really breaks you in - its hard. I am actually shocked that BCC lowered the GPA requirements since the program is so difficult.

Good Luck!

if you get in let me know if you guys want to buy books for level 1 and level 2

Thanks, I will let you know and would definitely be interested in buying used books from you!

Me Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay ..just let me know when and where and im sure i can help you guys out with some pointers..


Thank you so much! One question - did you class take the HESI Entrance Exam or the Accuplacer, and if the HESI, do you know what the range of scores was? I'm curious about the average top score - thanks!

i am in the third semester so i took it a year and a half ago so i actually took the accuplacer.

Hey everyone! I just took the exam yesterday and I scored an 89 on it... The only part that really got me was the chem section...It really wasn't that hard but I did not study the chem part as much as I should have. I would like to know if anyone knows what my probability is to get into the program with a 3.894 GPA and an 89 on the Entrance Exam.

I'm with you Cokieb....I got a 91.25% and have a 4.0 for my prereq's --- but from what I gather, that still might not be good enough depending on how well everyone else scores. And if there is a quota that keeps higher scores out of the program I will be so upset!!!!!

I really studied a lot, for 2 1/2 weeks. Bergen really needs to get their application process under control tho...first they told me that I only had until March 19th to take it (in an e-mail they sent on March 1st)...so I spent the next week FREAKING out because I was leaving to go out of town on the 18th, meaning I had to take it on the 17th ---- but that didn't leave enough time in between the "requesting for a registration ID" from Prometrics and the "10 days in advance" required from the date you schedule to sit the test and the actual date you sit the test. I spent 2 days tryin to get someone at Bergen on the phone or to at least respond to my e-mail to see if I would still be able to take the test even if it was "early". After Bergen told me, pretty much, to "work it out with the testing center, that they didn't know" they sent another mass e-mail the following week saying that we had until APRIL 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thru the roof!!!!!! Why not tell me that when I was startin to think that I would be able to take it at all?! By that point I had already sheduled my test for March 17th so I just stuck with it....it would have been nice to study for an additional month tho, that's for sure!!