How's Charlottesville?


I'm currently living and working in Hampton Roads, but am interested in UVA's nurse practitioner program. Can anyone share what the job market is actually like for RNs in the area -- would I be able to move there and get at least a part-time job while starting the program?


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UVA was always hiring experienced nurses, at least a year ago they were. They have a fairly high turn over rate so there were always positions available. You should be able to snag a job in their float pool, just be persistent with HR and recruitment, they can be a little slow sometimes. Overall I had a really good experience there and there are plenty of things I miss about my unit and the hospital.


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Old thread, I know. But I been hearing adds on the radio from UVA Health System looking for experienced RNs. Ad says 2 years exp and a BSN. Says they will pay 5K signing bonus and up to 5K relocation expenses. That's all I know, but from looking at the UVA HR page, it seems they are putting up listings almost daily for experienced RNs.


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Experienced RNs, especially with a BSN, but really any experienced RN - will have no problem getting a job at UVA or anywhere else in central or western Virginia.


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I've recently applied to UVA and have an interview coming up. Any advice? How do you like living in Virginia and how is the pay for an experienced nurse at UVA?


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Hey. Cville is a great little town that has everything of a big city with way less hassles.

No clue what an experienced nurse would start at at UVA, but somewhere in that range they list on the jobs site. I am sure they have a formula where you would get whatever the other nurses with that many years get or something close.

I've been here nearly 20 years, but am just starting nursing school as a second career with hopes of eventually getting a job at UVA.


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Cville is amazing!