How is it working on a PCU trauma floor?

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I am a new grad and I got an interview at a trauma 1 hospital on a trauma PCU floor. I want to get into the ICU and ER. 

How it like working on a trauma PCU? Like what are the heavy duty medications given and is there a lot of rapids and code calling? Is there any excitement (compared to the med surg floor)?


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I currently have my senior capstone on a cardiac PCU floor and it’s great!! I feel like it’s a great floor to start off in if you want to go into the ICU. A lot of the nurses that go into the ICU typically start out in the PCU at my hospital. There have been already three code blues on my floor and I’ve only been there seven times so far!! There’s definitely a lot of excitement for sure, you feel like you’re running around a ton but it’s great because it’s a fast paced environment and really makes you critically think and focus on time management.

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Thank you .. I actually got the job. I start at the end of this month 

That’s so exciting! Good luck to you! You’ve got this!❤️

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OP how is PCU doing fo you?