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How to vent a g tube?

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Hi there,

was just hired as a 1 to 1 lpn at an elementary school in the area, and the girl will need frequent venting. i havent done g tubes in a while and am meeting with her tomorrow. i am going to ask to see how she does the venting, but before i do so i would like any info you may have, is it the syringe with water and let it bubble? a little brain farting going on at the moment! she has the 2 ply extension set with the little turn lock on it.

The last kid I had with a G Tube in school we just left the feeding tube connected to the 50 cc syringe and pinned it to his shirt for about 20 minutes after the feeding. He was in a wheel chair and not mobile.

Each child is different. Each doc is different. Make sure you have good written instructions and orders. Don't be afraid of acting "dumb" ask ask ask while you can and ask who to call first with questions.

Hi Jennylane,

I work with a student with a g-tube. To vent her, I hook up the tubing to her button and attach a 60cc syringe after placing her on her back. I bring her knees up to her belly which releases excess gas. No water is put into syringe. Also, when feeding her a bolus, I will lock it if she starts to cough, but if it bubbles, I will leave it open and let it vent. When the bubbling stops, I will continue with feed. Hope this helps. Good luck with the job. I've been doing this for 5 yrs and love it!

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You do whatever works and there is nothing at all wrong with asking her how she normally does it---because I have taken care of a lot of gtubed kids and they all seem to have their little tricks in how they prefer it.

Otherwise, I just hook the tube onto the Micky button with a syringe screwed onto the tube (sometimes not, sometimes if I know it's a child that just has a lot of air/gas and nothing ever much comes out, Ill just lay the tube on top of a few washclothes). Your just watching for any air/gas escaping, when it seems to slow down, recap the g-tube.

That is just my experience.

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