How are Union Dues Structured???

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This was sent to me by my friend Christina, a nursing advocate from NY state and am posting with her permission. Any info can be sent to her or I will forward reply posts left here. She is trying to get a national sense of union dues, no Union name is necessary. Karen


I am trying to get some information regarding the various

nursing unions, and their dues structures. I want to know

the difference in relationship to other unions for an


I do not necessarily need the names of the unions, just

geographic location, and the structure-meaning are the dues

based on geography, income, services, what percentages, etc.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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hello- from the beautiful state of Oregon--I spoke to a native nurse from the NYC area and found their dues to be so much lower than ours and yet cost of living in that area i higher so the picture i'm getting is that it's based on the operating budget of the state union office and number of nurses who belong--the reps in that area probably cover many more nurses than in our area. therefore, if you have 1 per 50 compared to 1 per 500,the dues will be lower.My dues run $20 x26payperiods and NYC was 1% of starting pay(much lower) hope that gives you an idea vjg


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about 1% of the starting salary for an new grad ADN/diploma RN.

Deducted from one paycheck - once a month. My dues at my hospital are about $54/month.....dues at other hospitals/facilities are higher or lower depending on their starting salary....either way, its money very well spent!

btw, we have about 33,000 members.


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thanks jt for making that clearer--i did the cost of living chart for our areas and since it's roughly 20% higher in NYC then it makes sense that the job pays more and the dues run higher. Plus,probably very different surroundings to work in. vjg

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