How to submit letter of resignation of nurse manager is out of office!


Hi there, I need to submit my letter of resignation in the next three days. I will be submitting the letter with two weeks notice exactly as I am starting a new RN position. It's a holiday week and I heard that my manager will be out all week, even in the days following the holiday, which is when I was planning to submit the letter. I need to be done with the position and I don't want to put off the start of my "two weeks" until she comes back. If she is not in the office, do I just submit it to HR and send her an email? I know its best to deliver he letter to my manager in person, but what if that's not possible?

I have a good relationship with my manager now and I don't want to burn bridges, but it also seems unfair for me to put my life on hold because of her vacation. Thanks in advance for your advise and thoughts!


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Bearing in mind your time constraints and the need to start the clock running, I would submit your letter to HR via email with a copy to your manager. You can send along a hard copy later if you wish. In the email, I would explain that you are submitting directly to HR due to the time crunch and your manager's vacation. No one should be unhappy with that.

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I agree with RiskManager, get it tendered in writing with a copy to your manager.

Remember when writing it to include 3 things

1. Name the position you are resigning from (really important since manager is gone and HR will be receiving this first) and the last date you are available.

2. Thank them for the opportunity to work with them (for the experience, great team, or anything positive but not fake)

3. Offer to help with any training/transition. They may not need it, but a simple "If there is anything I can do to help with the transition, please let me know." goes a long way and shows that you haven't checked out before your last day. (The worst is to get two weeks notice and then have no work done the last two weeks.)

Good Luck in your new job!!