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How to Study for NCLEX


Hi fellow nurses!

I just graduated with my BSN and am prepping for the NCLEX. I'm just confused as to how to study for it (I haven't taken a standardized exam in a long time). Right now I have the following books: Hurst, Saunders (with the CD too), and Kaplan.

Some people have told me that the best way to study for NCLEX is by doing practice questions daily and then going over the material on the ones I don't do well on. However, I also feel like I need to restudy a lot of stuff, so what I'm currently doing is studying the content in Hurst and planning to work on questions when I'm done studying the content. Is that a good way to prepare for NCELX, or do you all recommend doing questions daily and working on weak spots, or do both questions and study content in the same day? I just don't know how to divide up question practice and content study.

Any help or study tips you guys can give me are much appreciated! Thanks!!

I'm preparing by taking the Kaplan classroom course at the end of August. The RN's that I work with who took the kaplan course said that it helped them a lot on NCLEX. Good luck to us!