How do you study for a comprehensive FINAL Exam?

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I've always found that the key to studying for a cumulative exam is keeping up throughout the whole semester. If all you have to do is review before the exam, you're in excellent shape. It's so easy to fall behind in the reading or simply skip a chapter during a busy week but if that's your state before the cumulative you've got your work cut out for you.


Ditto this, I've used this philosophy in almost every class thus far. I think I have done much better by staying on top of things throughout the course than I would have if I would have learned it and thrown the notes aside until finals came around.


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I totally agree! Our school does not give the tests back so we can't study those but we do get to review them right after the test so we can see what we got wrong and go over it.

I think I have kept up pretty well so I'm sticking with re-reading over my notes. Thanks pals!

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