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How to start (Education)

by Kcvera88 Kcvera88 (New) New

Hey all need some advice

I have been working in a pediatricians clinic for about 6 year and I feel like I've been wasting my time I want to pursuit into the medical field as a RN or PNP.

I just was wondering my income isn't good but I know about grants and financial aid. But I would like some advice on the programs and schools which most of you are grads and have experience in the school environments. I haven't been in any since high school 2006. A lot has changed. Just would like some feed back. Please, really appreciate it! 😌

HI. I am not an RN but I will be graduating in May (God willing) with my Associates in Nursing. If I can offer any advice, I would say to enroll in the community college in your area and begin taking prerequisite courses. A google search of NY nursing programs will provide you with links and information regarding specific program requirements. Most if not all of them will require Anatomy and Physiology, so that is a good place to start.

Many places also require an entrance exam. When I was in your position, I googled every program in the NYC area and made a table that entailed all of the requirements to enter and complete the program. It takes time but it is worth it.

If you are really trying to go for it, enroll in community college, start taking prerequisite courses, and get A's in them. Good luck to you!

good advice to start out with the prerequisite classes. I'm in the same predicament and I'm going to take your advice on making a list of the programs in my area and to start taking A and P, but I'm not sure about getting an A in the class though. Last time I attempted that class about 20 years ago, I got a D in it and I dropped it before finishing it, but I have gotten better at memorization since then and I have more schooling under my belt and I plan on getting at least a B or better. I am preparing myself now to take my Nursing career to the next level.