How to stand out as a Nursing school Applicant?


I am an aspiring nursing student and would really appreciate some advice, if you can.

There is an accelerated nursing program that I will be applying to this year, to start in the Fall of 2009. It is a very competitive program to get into. I will be applying to other programs, but being able to live in this city will save me a lot of money because I can still live with my mom!:cool:

I want to do all that I can in this next year to increase my chances of being accepted. They look at your GPA from the last year and require at least a 75%, which is exactly what my last year's GPA is. So, I am going to enroll in nearly a full course load this year to increase my GPA. The 75% that I had in my undergrad was really a result of a very stressful year (circumstances out of the ordinary, but very very stressful), so I have every confidence that I can obtain an A average this coming year.

I also will be volunteering at the local hospital-I've spoken with them and they said I will definitely get in by September. Any specific department I should try to volunteer in?

Is there ANYTHING else that I can do to increase my chances? I really do not want to have to wait another year, this is something I really want to do and will do whatever it takes this year to increase my odds. Not being able to start this Fall was a downer, and I really don't want to have to go through that again next year. Is there anything I can do that will set me apart from other applicants?

Any advice any of you can offer me will be truly appreciated.

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Go meet with the coordinator of the program. Find out the profile of successful applicants and that will help you make the additions to your experiences.

Best of luck.

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