How does this sound?


i've never done hh before, but am currently interviewing. the position i'm going for is 4-8 hour shifts per week (considered full time) and we are paid hourly and make what the hospital rn's do. it is a hh based out of a hospital. we do a 30 mile radius of the hospital. one night per week on call, one weekend a month, and one holiday per year on call. we get 3 personal days per year, along w/ sick days. if we are on call and get called out, we make time and a half.

our insurance is roughly $260 per month. everything done at the hospital (xrays, labs, surgery, childbirth, etc) is 100% covered--we don't pay a thing. also, things done at surrounding clinics are also free. we will have a $10 co-pay for office visits.

i am very, very excited about this position and plan to go out w/ one of the nurses this weekend if anything happens.


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Sounds good to me. Better than working for a stand alone agency where you have to wonder from day to day what your schedule will be. You are guaranteed four shifts per week right? Hope everything turns out ok and you like the job.

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Yep, guaranteed 4 days per week and I can get 5 if I want to fill in, but it's not mandatory.

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