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How to resign at current RN job??

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Hello All,

Hopefully some insight can be offered. I have worked at a pedi hospital on a pulmonary acute rehab floor for the past 10 ish months. I just landed my DREAM job at Brigham and Women's and I need to give my notice at my current job. I do enjoy my job now but the oppourunity to have the position I have always wanted was offered to me. How can I pass this up? Anyways, I will be starting the new job on Oct 6. So I would like to give as much notice as possible and have some time off in between. If I work my last shift as September 25th that would mean submitting a letter today for two weeks. I could work one last shift on September 29th but then I am scheduled for that weekend and Don't want to work the weekend before starting. Everyone please let me know if you think I should say my last shift will be 9/25 or wait and have it be 9/29 so i dont burn any bridges. I do plan to remain per diem at my current job.



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If you're changing status from full time to PRN you may not need give a resignation letter. You should check with HR and your employee handbook to see how the facility handles these things and what paperwork is needed.

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talk to HR. They may or may not allow another PRN person. As stated above, they can guide you.

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I agree with both comments, if you are going from a full/part time position to a PRN position you need to find out what the procedure is. I have usually given a 2-week notice and then a week for myself between jobs. When I did transition from one position to another in the same facility, the unit managers were pretty much the ones who changed my schedule so I was at their mercy. You may have to work the weekend just to keep yourself in good with management. Tough choices. Glad for you finding the job of your dreams!!

I'd tell them soon that you want to be on as PRN so they don't schedule you for anymore days. If they will take you for PRN then I'd talk to a few of your co workers and see if someone would like to take the shift for the 29th.

I agree with the others here that if you still want to be an employee for them that a letter may not be the right thing to do. That I believe is only when you want to terminate your employment fully. But HR will be able to tell you the process you need to go through