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How to Regain my Rehab Certification

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I worked on a Medical Rehab unit for 16 yrs then became disabled due to an injury at work. I had my certification in Rehab nursing but let it expire due to medical issues. How can I regain this back. I miss not having the certification on my files. Thanks I am in the process of getting more education in the medical field.

Dear Misses Certification,

The Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) exam is given by the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN). Rehabilitation nurses care for patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities. RNs who earn their nursing rehab certification may use the initials CRRN after their name.

Since your certification expired, you must meet the eligibility requirements and re-take the exam. Eligibility includes  two years of practice as a registered professional nurse in rehabilitation nursing within the last five years. 

Contact the ARN https://rehabnurse.org/crrn-certification/earn-your-crrn to find out more and be sure and study from their sample exam booklet.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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