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How receptive are RNs where you have clinical?


What kind of responce do you get from the RNs where you do clinical(for the most part

  1. 1. What kind of responce do you get from the RNs where you do clinical(for the most part

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      "Yay, the nursing students are here" (genuinely)...and helpful
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      polite, but indifferent
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      Obviously annoyed of having to deal with a student
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      Outright working against students/trying to get students in trouble

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I just noticed a very old bumped thread that, other then the one that bumped it, likely all that posted in it are either RNs by now or have taken other directions. Reading through some of the posts just made me wonder and want to start a new thread about this......how receptive are RNs where you do your clinical?

I will add my experiences later.


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The nurses I have worked with have been pretty receptive. There is one unit at the hospital on the medsurg floor that isn't AS receptive to students(although that wasn't my experience, several girls had that experience). So far, I have had the best experience on Telemetry...the nurses were wonderful! Im not sure if that's because they have a reduced patient load, or what..but it was great.


Specializes in L&D. Has 2 years experience.

By the way, my experience has been that you find ANY nurse and tell them to please get you if they need your help or if you can watch a procedure, etc. I have found that they love students who show initiative as well as are helpful and eager.

The reason that I posted this was curiosity. The thread that I saw had most students talking about very poor reception. I was wondering if that was something that had changed in recent years, or if my experience was just more pleasant then most. I know most nurses I have dealt with were VERY receptive to students, and loved having us there, and were very helpful. And the "yay the students are here" comment actually was something one of the nurses on the floor i was going to said when 3 of us got on the elevator with her and another nurse from the floor. She was one nurse that was picky about things, and if you didn't do things the way she liked she would point things out....as in teaching, not being mean, but probably the personality that would be most likely to be annoyed by students, and she did say that completely genuinely. The nurses really liked having us. One semester unit I was on they bought my clinical group pizza our last day on the unit.

There have been a few nurses that individually were not receptive and were obviously annoyed. Know my one classmate had one try to get her in trouble for something she didn't do, but our instructor backed her up.

So far, in both semesters, we have had nothing but awesome nurses! They are all very helpful, and will find skills for us (spiking bags, starting IVs) if we tell them we can! They have all been helpful in answering questions, and I haven't seen any that have been irritated to have us. Hope my next 2 semesters are the same!