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Books I haven't figured out yet. I'll try to find someone to borrow from, I think.

For the books, you can save a lot of money at I bought Kozier for $30.00, instead of $90.00 at the college bookstore. You can save even more if you buy the last edition of the book. The material changes very little from edition to edition.

I paid as I went. The bad thing about Excelsior is that they do not offer Federally-backed student loans. The good thing about not offering student loans is that it forces the college to keep their prices down, otherwise nobody would be able to afford it. Plus, it is great finishing a program with no student loans to pay off.


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Baribiedee: Does your employer even offer a loan buyback? If they do, maybe you can take advantage of that.

For those who are having trouble with affording books- sign up with the EPN, and hook up with a librarian who will lend you the textbooks. I know someone that had to do that, and she said it worked for her. Another option is to go ahead and buy the books and resell them on Ebay when you're done with them, then use the $ you make from reselling those to buy your next books. I did it that way, and I made at least 75% back on most of my books (just keep them in good condition). If you're going to resell your books, definitely join the study groups and post the Ebay links to your selling items, letting everybody know you have stuff for sale- you will have tons of buyers in the study groups, because they need the same stuff. My books sold like hotcakes, and my fellow study buddies helped me get through the program by buying my books. I've also bought, lent, and given things to/from other study buddies, and never had a problem. It's a good way to help each other out. Plus, every now and then there will be someone in the group who gives their stuff away for free if one promises to do the same when they are done with the materials.


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Nope, Lgflamini, no student loan buy back either. For that matter, the provincial RN association won't say whether they will accept Excelsior or not. They will decide on a 'case by case' basis when the time comes. So I may be doing all this for naught. If they don't, then I guess I move state side where they will honor my Excelsior ADN. I'm flexible, I am sure I can find a job somewhere! By the way, I second your idea about recycling textbooks on ebay. It sure would cut down on the costs.

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I agree with DC2RN. I've saved a BUNCH on and have had no problems.

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