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How do Panel Interviews Work?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Had a question about panel style interviews. I understand that you’re seated in front of representatives and unit managers from various units and are interviewed. What I don’t really understand is if you’re offered a position. Any of the units there can offer a spot, so you can get multiple offers? Or will you only get one?

Dear Panel Interview,

On a panel style interview, more than one nursing unit can be represented, for example, Tele and MedSurg. My experience as a panel interviewer has been that after you are interviewed, the panel discusses you and the other applicants. They reach a consensus as to whether you will be offered a position, and if so, on what unit. For example, they may agree as a group that you would be better suited on Tele than MedSurg. In that case, you would be offered a position on Tele. 

Technically, It's also possible that 2 managers both want you, and they could agree to let you pick which unit you want, although I don't have personal experience with that. Best of luck, and be sure to be prepared to answer the interview questions you most likely will be asked. My book below is an excellent prep for applying and interviewing.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth


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