How to Overcome the Anxiety, Fear, and Burnout in a Nursing Profession


Is there a way to be enthusiastic about going to work? Is it even possible? Three little secrets that will keep you motivated, it's inner motivation, an attitude, and a calling to serve, no matter what.

Specializes in Over 15 years of experience in medical field. Has 10 years experience.

Are you still passionate about Nursing?

How to Overcome the Anxiety, Fear, and Burnout in a Nursing Profession

0400 am. I suddenly woke up fearing, that I didn’t hear an alarm…With great relief, I try to fall asleep… 0415 am. “I am glad that I still have time to sleep,” I said to myself, trying to enjoy sweet short minutes before getting up to work at 0500 am. 0423 am- I can’t fall asleep, my thoughts are rushing in my mind. Anxiety and panic crawl into my heart. “Is it going to be one of “those” days when we are going to be short staffed again? Who will not show up this time? It might be a nurse, who suddenly quits, burned out from the overwhelming load of nursing responsibilities and duties; or a nurse’s aide, who is drained under the pressure of heavy job duties? Why? Why me? I can’t take it anymore! I can do something else; I can go to school, get a different degree with less stress and far easier …” -the familiar swarm of thoughts flew by in my head, again…

Does it sound familiar to you? Are you waking up in the middle of the night, and await long hours, trying to fall asleep before you get up and AGAIN go to work to "survive" the shift? Many health care workers are feeling similar way and are desperate for a change. What can be changed in the nursing world? How can you get up willing to go to work? Where do you find enough inner strength to overcome the stress? Or is it even possible? Let me tell you something-you are not alone. There is a way to overcome the anxiety, fear, and burnout in the nursing profession. I can hear you giggling right now.  But, yes, it’s, realistically possible!

I, myself, have been going through the fire of pandemic, nursing shortage, people quitting and giving up on a career throughout over ten years of nursing career and over 15 years of medical experience. However, I know a lot of people, who are desperate and still coming to work, like it’s their first year of nursing career! What’s their secret?? Believe me, I asked myself many times, “What am I still doing in a nursing career? There are a lot more professions who get paid a lot more than we do, as nurses.” But... is it about a pay or a calling? Is it all about a respect and growth in a career ladder? No, absolutely not. It’s all about an inner motivation, an attitude, that keeps you rolling, it’s a calling to serve, no matter what. 

I am extremely delighted to share what could be done to enhance a positive atmosphere, and a makeover in the nursing world. Knowing people’s desire to construct a positive change in people’s lives, I am truly humbled, and, at the same time, privileged to share some proposals, which I have carried in my mind and heart for over a decade, I am faithfully passionate to make a transformation in people’s, resident’s, employees’ lives, every day.

First, I think to myself: “Thank God, I have a job; I also remind myself, that I am called to serve and help people.  Even though, I am tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. Having to take care of my family, fulfilling my responsibilities to be a provider of a family, a great husband, and a good dad for my kids- “Don’t give up!” I hear it loudly in my heart and mind, “you are called to take care of people, help those who are in need!”

We, as nurses, must remind ourselves occasionally that we have the most rewarding jobs on earth. Yes, those shifts are tiring and exhausting, of course, you come home drained physically and mentally. However, you know that feeling, a feeling of inner satisfaction: “I made a difference today, at least in someone’s life.” Count to yourself: If you work full time, and you have a goal of touching someone’s life with your kindness, even if you smile (believe me, even wearing masks, and a PPE, our eyes say everything) at least to one person, in a month, you bring a great effect to at least 30 people. In a year, it’s going to be around 360 people. How many days do we have in a year? 365. So, it means that every day, all year round, you made a difference to at least 360 people. At the end of the year, can you imagine the satisfaction you will have, that every day of your life you changed someone’s life? Believe me, we, as nurses; we touch far more than one person a shift! What about years or decades of touched lives? Do math! See how rewarding it is? That’s the inner motivation and a calling from above!

You know the old-fashioned golden rule, however, it’s so practical nowadays! “Do others, what you wish to do to yourself!” That’s the law of sowing and reaping. Some day you will be old as well, someday another nurse will be taking care of you, and you will be shocked how they will serve you: the same way you have done to your patients throughout your career! When you talk to sweet little grandma or grandpa, for example, you just want to do everything possible to provide the best care possible. You wonder why? Because they are reaping what they have sowed through you! It’s a lifelong cycle. That’s a calling to serve, so others will be serving you someday!

Again, our career is rewarding, it’s so-called “humans taking care of humans” isn’t that amazing? Remember, every morning you wake up, think about a calling from above. Doing so, will motivate you and bring a great attitude around you. Moreover, someday it’s going to be you, who will be getting help from others. But you will know inside that you have done plenty of service for others. It’s your turn now, so relax, you are going to be in good hands!

Vyacheslav, Kioroglo LPN

Vyacheslav Kioroglo has 10 years experience as an LPN and specializes in over 15 years of experience in medical field.

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spotangel, DNP, RN, NP

Specializes in ED,Tele,Med surg, ADN,outpatient,homecare,LTC,Peds. Has 32 years experience.

Great article! I start my day with this prayer” Lord let me make a difference in one life today”

Trust me He will bring more than one to you!

My destressor at the end of the day is driving home with my son. I pick him after work from his work and we talk about our day! He gently teases me about taking my frustrations of work out while driving and screaming at the drivers that suddenly cut in front of us!! We laugh and I look forward to our drive home! Our profession is tough but know that we are tougher! We are angels with wings of steel! Nothings gonna break us when we do God’s work on earth!!

Lauren Duroy, DNP

Specializes in Helping Nurses & Practitioners Scale Their Passion. Has 9 years experience.

Love the insight!! Things I tell myself too!! Than you for sharing so transparent 🤍