How does one become a unit secretary?

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Hello. I am currently a student at a junior college taking pre-requisite courses for admission to a nursing school. (I will be transferring Fall of 2005). I am interested in working as a unit secretary, however, how does one go about doing so given my status. Does anyone know of any schools in the bay area (California) that offer a "unit secretary program" if there is such a thing?

I'm looking for work experience related to the nursing field. Though volunteering at a hospital is an option, I am drowning in payments. Any help is appreciated.

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At the hospital where I work, the only thing that's required to be a unit secretary is a high school diploma. They would prefer for you to have taken a medical terminology course but that is not required.

Also, our unit secretaries are transitioning into 2-role-combined-job of unit secretary and health care tech. You may also want to take a CNA course as it would be beneficial as well, even if the hospital you work at doesn't take this combined job approach.

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I live in Illinois, so things might be different here too. However, like above poster, here all you need is a high school diploma. We frequently hire nursing students to these positions. Good luck.

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If you go to the hospital you're interested in, to Human Resources, check out their available job postings and apply. Good luck to you.

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