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How NOT to let ppl get to you???

Hi! I'm 22 and just got accepted into the:nurse: Nursing Program:) I'll be finished in December of 2010:) I can't WAIT! This is a dream:heartbeat come true...

I haven't had any GE's yet... So i'm taking it along w/ NS... And as soon as this is out of my mouth i have received a TON of derogatory comments... "Oh! How in the World are you going to manage?":nono: or "Are you sure you want to do this?" to "I don't know how in the world they accepted you!:madface:" And i am trying not to let it get to me, but ppl are really not helping... The good thing is my parents and siblings are def being so supportive! But how in the world am i supposed to answer these questions without getting fighting mad??? I mean... Puhleeze ppl.:cry:.. Try some encouragement! Like, "You can do it!" or "You'll be GREAT!" even "If you ever need ANYTHING please let me know!"

So just wondering... How would/did you reply to these things?

Don't let it get you down you should be proud of what you accomplished and look forward to whats to come. Maybe they feel you might leave them behind, or they feel bad that you are moving up in the world and they are not. Keep your head up and if you really want to have some fun answer the questions with off the wall answers like these (make sure you say them with a strait face.

"Oh! How in the World are you going to manage?" With an iron fist!

"Are you sure you want to do this?" It sounded like a good idea at the time and it looks like so fun on ER.

"I don't know how in the world they accepted you!" I slept with the head of admissions. Guess it work!

HAHA! THANKS! I am sooo using those! Especially the ER commetn:) Ppl know I'm a die hard ER fan! Thanks for the encouragement!

Daytonite, BSN, RN

Has 40 years experience. Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

One of the books we had to read in my BSN program was Games People Play: The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne, M.D. When people make comments like that, they are doing two things: (1) trying to make themselves feel better, by (2) taking a little jab at you. You need to recognize that it is their self esteem that is hurting and perhaps a they are a little jealous. It's "sandbox" politics. You got something that deep down they would like too so they are going to respond back with a smack on the head like a little kid in a sandbox would do. Recognize it for what it is, smile graciously and ignore it. People will remember a snotty or mean response far longer than they will a smile and you saying nothing. Don't give them more fuel to say behind your back, "She'll be a nurse that patients will hate with a smart mouth like that." From this moment on you are now a role model.

I am glad you got a good chuckle out of my answer, but seriously Daytonite is right. You may get those questions for awhile and then hopefully they will start asking how school is going and be truly interested. I got the same questions and remarks when I was accepted.

I won't lie to you school has been a lot of work but I am also having a blast finally doing something that I really enjoy. I have also met a great group of people in my class and you will too.

Keep your head up and you will do fine! Congratulations!!!!

Thanks so much for all the ADVICE :) I can't wait to get started! And i am looking forward to meetin many great ppl!

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