How to network successfully

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How to network successfully

by Donna Cardillo, RN, BS

Info from the article:

"Exchange business cards when appropriate. You can have cards made if you're not employed or your employer doesn't offer them. Include your name, certification initials, address, and telephone number. Carry cards with you all times, especially when you're at a function. You never know when you'll need one."

Heard Donna speak at ANA convention...She closed out the convention and was empowering. Discussed the importance of having business cards, even as a staff nurse. I've had business cards since age 16 when teaching organ students, later as staff nurse in hospital and perdeim agency thru previous position as clinical cordinator. Haven't been to as many seminars, business meetings in past three years as started back for MSN, kids lives busy and new agency thought business cards unnecessary expense for staff nurses.

Boy was I embarassed when nurses I met especially Jenny P asked for my card/address. I'd just let many networking opportunities slide thru my hands. Will be getting new cards made PRONTO after next paycheck.

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Thanks for the link, NRSKarenRN,

This idea DOES work! I use to carry my own business cards with me for years, and when I'm prepared to return to nursing next year, I'll do it again. :)

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