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How Much Time Do You Invest in Studying?

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Just curious...

How much time do you put in studying your nursing material?

I took my first exam recently and scored an 82%, which is passing but I want to improve. I'd say I look at material 2-3 hours every other day - I don't want to burn out, but I want to improve my grades in preparation for graduate school.


And study tips and resource (videos, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

I studied about 2-4 hours everyday while in school. I broke it up, though. An hour here, get out and take a break, then an hour there. An 82% on your first exam is great! Once you get used to the exam style that nursing programs use you will more than likely see your scores go up. A great way to improve your exam scores and to practice questions is to utilize NCLEX books and focus on the section r/t what you are currently learning in class. Just an idea. Good luck.

direw0lf, BSN

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For nursing I've been studying at least an hour every night, after we got to the respiratory system. My normal way to study was always to save one day a week for a major study fest. That worked in science classes for me. But tonight I just finished the respiratory chapter that I started last week. I take the power point slides, my book, internet, colored pens and highlighters, notebook, index cards and I fill up my notebook with info and pictures! Sometimes I don't use the highlighters. Then when I have a test and reread my notebook (I don't need to open my book or pp's or anything else now!) I use the high lighter as I review for the test.

I agree that an 82 on the first exam is great!

Btw I read each page in nursing books now. I know people say you can't read every word in nursing school, but on the last test I skipped the mental status assessment pages and got the question on the test wrong about it so I don't read every word but I make sure I look at every page.

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pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Class days: 4 to 6 hours outside of class. Non clinical days: 8 to 10 hours. All time broken down into 20 minutes of study, 5 minutes of review time, 5 minutes doing something physical before rinse and repeat. On full study days, typically 30 to 60 minutes for lunch and the same for dinner.

chris21sn, BSN, RN

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About 7 hrs a week, an hr per day, just to review everything :)