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How much of a shock transferring from MedSurg to ED?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

RN with 4.5 years experience ...nervous for a move but am getting burnt out on med surg floor where I work in neuro and stroke. I am considering the ED how much of a shock am i in for?

Dear Nervous,

It could be a pretty big shock. But that's OK. You won't be burnt out, and you may love it.

It'll be a big change in the way you practice nursing. Whether or not you're able to adjust to a completely different way of approaching your job will be key. Not everyone is cut out to be an ED nurse. They really are a special breed, and you'll never know if it's a good fit until you try it.

There's far less structure than on the floors. You just have to roll with whatever comes your way, and then move on to the next patient. Reading a chart thoroughly and conducting in-depth assessments are not valued in the fast-paced ED world. There's a reason for the saying "treat 'em and street 'em". 

Treating children will be a big part of your practice as you will see patients of all ages. You'll work closely with the ED providers and many ED nurses really enjoy the overall camaraderie.

Your neuro and stroke background will really be an asset. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust, and good luck!

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth



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