How much orientation?

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I'm hoping that you nurses familiar with LTC can give me some advice. After working in a hospital for 10 years I have recently started a new job in a LTC facility. I will be responsible for 27 residents. How much orientation should I expect? I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Yesterday I did an 8 hour shift and another today, both times with the same nurse. Today she was complaining that I was still having to ask who the residents were. Really? They have no means of identification besides some poor photos with their MARs. 27 people that are completely new to me, plus a new routine and charting. Plus there has been no real orientation to the charting. Am I overreacting?


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I haven't started my job yet but I'll be getting a minimum of 4 weeks with the same nurse for my orientation. After those 4 weeks if I feel I am not prepared to fly solo, then I'll be granted an extension with my orientation.

There is no way to memorize that many peoples faces or medical needs in 2 short days.

I'm sorry the nurse you're assigned to is being less than stellar towards you.

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We give new grads 4 weeks of orientation. Nurses with experience get a week or two. I'm told as the staff educator that it's up to me to decide when they come off orientation but if there is a staffing crunch I get push back to sign them off sooner. That's how we lose nurses. It takes a while to get to know who is who but other than that, a med pass is a med pass.