How much notice to give?


When you quit a nursing job, do you give just two weeks notice, or do you say you'll stay to the end of the current schedule (which in our case, would be more like 4 weeks).

I only work one day a week, so I'm not even a "real" part of the schedule. Sort of like a supplemental nurse, but paid like regular staff but without the burdens of holidays, weekends, needing to "ask" to take vacation at a certain time of the year, etc.

Assuming I decide to work somewhere else, would you expect it would hurt me that I am not currently working? (I'm planning on taking a stuff going on). That is, is it better to apply for a new job, while working the old one? Or does it not matter.

I'd love to hear any experience. Also, how much did you sweat over your resume?


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I always say make sure you have another lined up if you need the money. If not give a two week notice of resignation and search for another.

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Two weeks is considered standard. More would be great if you can do it, but not necessary. Less is tacky and only if you have no intention of ever working at that facility again.

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