How many years of experience necessary to be psych NP?

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Graduating with my bsn soon and interested in being a Psych NP. How many years of experience would you recommend before getting your psych np degree. I heard it is a lot of med management, could you describe the job market and demand for psych NP? I am thinking about doing school fulltime and working part time is that doable?

I'm not a psych np, but judging be what I read here it would probably be good to get at least a year in a good psych unit that can expose you to the broadest range of clinical diagnoses you can find.

I would recommend working full time in psych, and going to school part-time. You'll need a solid base if you care about being any good.

Yes, it is all med management, but it is also, and most importantly, DIAGNOSTICS.

The job market? hard to say, that is probably a local thing.

Be prepared to see 3-4 people an hour, wherever you work.

my main interest as a psych NP is talking to patients 1 on 1 in out patient setting managing their meds with some psycho therapy. I feel that with psych nursing it is completely different like a caregiver administering their meds, taking care of them, make sure they don't hurt themselves etc... Do you think it is really beneficial?

Is this a troll question? Seriously, you will need a ton more experience in the field if it is not.

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