How MANY shoes do you use for work?


Hi, everyone. I've seen a lot of threads about what the best shoes are, but I was wondering how MANY you own for your job. Do you switch shoes on different days...maybe even mid shift? I was thinking of getting different types of shoes, like a sneaker and a clog, or two different clogs, in order to vary it. What do you do? I'm going to be working 12's and I want to take care of my feet!

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I have too many work shoes to count; I think I'm up to eight pairs of Danskos, however, I at least have three that I rotate during the week to prevent foot fatigue.

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I have two pairs of shoes. One pair of Danskos and one pair of sneakers. I keep both in my locker and switch up PRN. Sometimes my Danskos annoy me because they are higher up and I feel like I can't move as fast in them. Some days my sneakers hurt my feet after a while because they are not as supportive as my Danskos.

I guess you could say I just listen to my feet when it comes to which shoes I wear - ha. Some days one pair are more comfortable and appropriate than the other.

Thanks for your input. I have one pair of danskos and I think I'll pick up a good sneaker and switch between them like RN403. Who knows, maybe I'll end up with a collection like LadyFree28 :) Sounds like I should definitely have more than one pair of shoes.

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I have four pairs that I reserve for work and revolve. A pair of Chucks, one of Danskos, a pair of Mizuno running shoes, and a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. Because not all nights are created equal, and I really like variation, haha.