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How many questions to do before NCLEX?


Hey guys! I just scheduled my NCLEX today and was wondering if I can get some advice from my fellow nurses. First I want to tell you want I plan on doing to prepare myself. I purchased Kaplan on-demand and reviewing and watching all the videos. Hopefully I can start doing the qbank and qtrainers soon. For those that did Kaplan, did you guys watch all the videos? Or just did all the qbanks and qtrainers? I purchased the LaCharity Book and Lippincott's Alternative Format questions books. I've heard through multiple individuals that these books are awesome! I also purchased NCLEX mastery app for my iphone to do questions while I'm on the go or at work. Any input for you guys will help! Thank you in advance! Wish me luck!


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I used lacharity book, mastery, lippincott (some chapters), brillantnurses.com and ncbsn.

Q. How many questions did I do?

A. 2 - too many ... :)

Good luck. If you stick to your plan that fit your learning ability, you will do just fine on nclex.

I have a thread about how I studied and what I used... check it out. I did Kaplan, but only purchased the Qbank. I did all the questions in there and reviewed all the rationale for every single question. I think reviewing the rationale was key to my success!! I also did some LaCharity questions, but did not do all of them. Do as many questions as you can so you can get a feel for the NCLEX and prepare your mind to think NCLEX style! Study hard and I wish you luck!