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How many questions a day?

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When you studied for the nclex, how many questions did you study a day?

Did you only focus on one topic per day. for instance, you only did questions on respiratory one day then renal the next...? or did you just do a bunch of random questions?

Right now I am using Saunders Cd, Nclex 3500 and the 1st edition Lacharity book..

Anyone pass without a review course and just answering questions?

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Hi, I utilized the Virtual ATI Review Course. The course goes by content area starting with Fundamentals and working all the way to Leadership. It took me two weeks to complete the course and take the assessments! When I was all through with the review I utilized Saunders CD and answered about 200 questions a day. I changed it up by answering Pharmacology one day and changing to application or assessment based questions the next. I have heard of students studying content areas one by one and have had success. If you remember struggling in a particular area when in school I would consider reviewing that material before your test!

Another bit of advice is too stay confident! You know the content and you graduated from nursing school. They don't just give degrees to anyone! So stay relaxed and confident and you will be successful! I come from a graduating nursing class of 30 (december 2011) and over half my class has already passed their NCLEX on the first try!

Good Luck!

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