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How many NICU nurses were NICU parents?

LetMeNICU LetMeNICU (New) New Pre-Student

I've just started taking classes working towards an ABSN and am aspiring to be a NICU nurse.

This pursuit is a second career for me and I've felt drawn towards it because of my experience (16 years ago now!) having a child in the NICU for just over 4 weeks.  The impact the nursing staff had on me was profound and is something I've never forgotten.

I've heard anecdotally that a notable percentage of NICU nurses got into the specialty because of their personal experience having a child cared for in the NICU and am just curious to hear from anyone else who has had that experience or know others who have.



p.s.- I hope this isn't a repeat thread...I looked but didn't see one addressing this topic

I am a former NICU mom, turned NICU RN.  I think it helped me in getting my first NICU job 11 years ago.  And, yes there are a lot of moms in my unit who had their babies in the NICU.  I can think of 6 off the top of my head, and we are a small unit.  But, all the rest were already NICU nurses.

Good luck in your schooling and career.

ToriRNtoBe, LPN

Specializes in NICU/Pediatric Home Health.

I am a tech in the NICU right now, and set to graduate in December and begin my nursing career here. My son was in the NICU in 2016 and I went back to school for nursing by the time he was 6 months old. It just hits us NICU mamas a certain way I think! 

Future_GA_nurse, CNA, EMT-B

Specializes in Career changer.

I'm a career changer and former NICU mom hoping to be a NICU nurse after my ABSN and passing of my NCLEX.

I was a PICU mom, but my son was an infant. I absolutely LOVE being in the NICU. I do feel like my experience has driven my desire to be there. 


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