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I've applied to a vocational school that lasts 12 months. They go all year even in summer. Dh and I have been trying to have a baby for over a year now and are dealing with infertility. Would I have to stop trying to get pregnant in order to do school?

I know that must sound stupid to some of you but I really, really want to go to school but I also really, really want to have a baby and the problem lies with me. If/when I do pregnant I have to have a hysterectomy afterwards.

Those are 2 big decisions and hard to pick between.


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Personally I think would take the school road first so that you will be able to get a decent career,benefits, and flexible schedule to help provide for a baby/family in the future. I am a single parent going to school for my LVN(TX) then for RN and it isn't easy. It will be hard to have a lil one at home that you needs you while you are tryin to go to school, nursing school isn't going to be easy.


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oh hun, i know exactly how you feel.

DH and I have been married 3 years in november. we've been trying to have kids since we got married. i just graduated in june from LPN school.(most LPN programs are thru vocational schools.) to date i am still not pregnant, and am facing either giving up or infertility treatments(which i dont want to do.) you dont have to choose, one has to be delayed. and the logical decision is to go to school. the emotional decision is to keep trying for baby. i went to school. i didnt go back on the pill, we used rhythm method and charting(if you need to learn this i can help.) just be careful about sex during school. you need to keep busy or your going to go nuts over the infertility if you dont distract yourself. and getting your education and a great career is the way to do it. think of how little you;ll have to work and you ll be able to be there to raise your kids. it will be tough, especially during maternity. keep your head up, cry if you have to, and get thru. youll be sooo happy you did it.

pm me anytime if you want to talk. ive been thru this and would love to help you.


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This won't be my first baby. I already have 2. My youngest is 2. I've been a stay at home mom for years and my in laws live next door and help me out with the kids when I need help.

I'm not really going to nursing school b/c we need the money but b/c I do eventually want a career in nursing.


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you'll never have the money and it will never be convenient


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Sorry but that doesn't make sense to me. What do you mean by that?

For me getting into LVN school has taken up alot of my time and energy. It is not an easy process. I am a State Of California Paramedic. Paramedic skills are above LVN skills so I already have a good command of patient care and anatomy and physiology, meds and dosages ECG ACLS and the like. My son was born five years ago this month and the first few years they take up alot of your time, its not like you can take your eyes off of them.

If it were me I would become an LVN first then consider family. Yes....... I know it is hard to wait, but in the long run you will understand. EXCEPTION.....if you are wealthy and can afford a full time nanny and your spouse is stable and can contribute his time to the child then it might be possible?

Let me know what you think.:confused:


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you'll never have the money and it will never be convenient

For most ppl this is SO true! LOL Its so expensive to have a baby and especially if you have other children you may feel that there is no time at all! But people eventually find the money and the time. Wait, I take that back, most people are in debt and stressed out- but I digress. The hard thing about school and pregnancy would be clinicals. There are lots of women who have completed school while pregnant but I would think that if you are so far along clinicals would be a big problem. I say if money isnt an issue, I would have the baby and then start the program, but that is just a personal choice. Also, if you are pregnant during school and have to have a hysterectomy afterwards, you would probably lose too many hours due to recovery time.:heartbeat

I attend a vocational school that is a 3 semester (12 month) program and there is a LOT of time involved between school and is good because you get it out of the way sooner, but I don't know how well I would do if I had small children and another one on the way (mine are 16 & 18) and I don't know if I would recommend the stress! I'm sure it could be done, but I wouldn't subject myself to the experience.

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